Mr Crow

Mr Crow by Glenn QuigleyMr Crow by Glenn QuigleyMr Crow, I have been occupied with the thought,
As to how and what I ought
To write of you for some considerable time.
You are detestably difficult to place into rhyme.
There’s no symmetrics in your feathers
Or your white-rimmed eye,
Your croaks are akin to leather,
You are cowardly mean and sly.

But when Nature manufactured creatures,
Wise she thought of all the features.
Now if her realm should all be beauty,
Who then would master meaner duty
So when you cawed far back in time,
First struggled out of primeval slime,
Mother Nature paused and said:
From this moment I declare
You will fly and haunt the air
And help me desiccate the dead.
– Jack Davis

Welcome to the new-look GQ Gallery

It’s all different! Well, it’s mostly different. Anyway, after a major hiccup with the old site resulting in downtime, mass deletions and email outages, I’m finally back up and running. most of the posts from the last year have gone, but the photos they contained should be in their respective galleries now.

So…. hooray!

More bears

So, this Sock Bear thing is getting out of hand. Have made a bunch more, including Green Lantern Bear, here. I made the other one from a big furry throw that my mother asked me to use. I know the proportions are a little… unusual. Anyway, hope she likes it!


Hand-made teddy bear with heart nose
Hand-made teddy bear with heart nose
Hand-made teddy bear with heart nose
Hand-made teddy bear with heart nose
Green Lantern Sock Bear
Green Lantern Sock Bear