Muster Roll #16 – Captain James Godgrave

Captain James Godgrave, 1781. Artist: Vince Knight
Ambitious, charming, and very possibly amoral, Captain James Godgrave was a blustering force of nature. Scottish by birth and the son of a Royal Navy captain, James made his name in the Chase Trading Company, rising quickly through the ranks and eventually taking command of the Lancelot Striking. He came to prominence in the autumn of 1781, when the gangs of Port Knot went to war.

Tall, handsome, with an immaculate beard and a voice like thunder, he developed a reputation as a hard taskmaster. He never met a problem that couldn’t be solved by shouting. He kept his private life under wraps, though rumours spoke to some tragedy in his past.

In THESE YOUNG WOLVES, James will have to chose between his ambition and his duty.  

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