Muster Roll #17 – Felix Diamond

Pencil portrait of handsome bearded man
Felix “Lucky” Diamond, c.1781

A quiet young man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, Felix “Lucky” Diamond spent many of his formative years being raised by his Uncle Gregory in the Star We Sail By playhouse. He spent a good deal of his time in the kitchen where he gained a good working knowledge of cookery. At the age of thirteen, Felix suddenly left his family behind and took to the sea. He came to be employed by the merchant arm of the Chase Trading Company and eventually became a ship’s cook.

When Felix receives a letter from his uncle begging him to come home, Felix returns to the harbour town of Port Knot for the first time in ten years. And while much has changed, he finds his family — the notorious Diamond clan — still immersed in petty criminality and next to useless. With nowhere else to turn, Felix must seek help from the town Watch and their commander Vince Knight — a man Felix trusts less than anyone alive.

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