Muster Roll #5 – Lady Eva Wolfe-Chase

Ink portrait of a woman in jewllery
Lady Eva Wolfe-Chase, c.1780
The only daughter of Lord Marley and Lady Ivy Chase, Eva was sharp-featured, raven-haired, and smart as a whip. Born to a life of privilege on Blackrabbit Island, she spent most of her early life in Chase Manor, on the outskirts of Port Knot, where she enjoyed the finest education money could buy. She was the heiress to the legendary Chase Trading Company, started by her grandmother, Allyne.

At an early age, her world was turned upside down by the death of her mother, Ivy. After some time, her father began to woo an Indian captain named Sada. They eventually married and had another daughter they named Daisy.

Eva adored her new little sister and the two would play for hours in the ground of the manor. Eva’s happiness was to be short lived, as she would once again find herself without a mother when Sada left her father and took Daisy with her, disappearing entirely. When she was old enough, Eva would spend a good deal of time and money trying to track them down without success.

Eva began a passionate love affair with Iris Wolfe, part of a Merryapple blacksmith family. Her father disapproved of his daughter associating with someone of such low status, as he saw it, which only spurred Eva on. Iris Wolfe showed her a side of Port Knot, and of life, which Eva had never known before. She came to realise just how sheltered her life had been. They were wed after a year, both taking the name Wolfe-Chase. They made their home in Wolfe-Chase Lodge on Merryapple.

In THE LION LIES WAITING, Eva will return to her family home for the first time since her whirlwind hand-fasting to Iris where she'll face her father’s wrath.

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