The Star We Sail By – The Knights of Blackrabbit #2

The cover to the novel THE STAR WE WAIL BY - THE KNIGHTS OF BLACKRABBIT BOOK TWO by Glenn Quigley. An unshaven young man in an 18th century shirt looks over his shoulder. In the background, a road lined with half-timbered buildings and street lamps.

When young sailor Felix Diamond receives a letter from his estranged uncle begging for help, he returns home to Blackrabbit Island for the first time in ten years. There he discovers his uncle missing and his aunt positioning herself as the new head of the notorious Diamond family. With nowhere else to turn, Felix must enlist the help of former crime lord and current Watch Commander Vince Knight — a man he trusts less than anyone alive. He’ll also have to contend with his opium-addicted cousin and a handsome apprentice horologist with secrets of his own.

ISBN: 978-1-64890-741-8
eBook ISBN: 978-1-64890-742-5

With time running out, Felix must race to uncover the truth behind his uncle’s disappearance while keeping his delinquent family’s claws off his childhood home — the rundown playhouse named The Star We Sail By.

The Star We Sail By – The Knights of Blackrabbit #2 will be released by Ninestar Press on 20th February 2024.

You will shortly be able to pre-order the novel here:

These Young Wolves The Knights of Blackrabbit #1 Glenn Quigley. A solitary figure in a tricorne cap walks along a cobbles road.

You do not need to have read book one in the series, THESE YOUNG WOLVES, to follow this story. But if you’d like to find out more about the first book, click here.

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