Muster Roll #19 – Iron Huxham

Dahlia Diamond, c.1781

Handsome, friendly, and a little awkward around other people, Iron Huxham worked as an apprentice horologist in the winter of 1781. Raised in the Port Knot orphanage, Iron had always fought hard to make his way in the world, eventually scraping enough money together to start his apprenticeship. The nature of his work meant foregoing much in the way of socialising, so when Watchwoman Sorcha Fontaine approached him about designing and building the street lamps she’d envisioned, he leapt at the chance. Together, they began the pilot scheme which saw much of the eastern side of town lit up at night, to the immense annoyance of certain residents.

When Iron agrees to perform some repairs at the Star We Sail By, he finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of the Diamond clan. And as he and Felix grow close, he finds his own past coming back to haunt them both.

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