Muster Roll #13 – Red Jim

Ink portrait of handsome bearded man
James “Red Jim” Trewin, c.1780
James “Red Jim” Trewin was the handsome and ambitious pirate captain of the Pride of Ithaca, a brigantine with a masthead in the shape of a charging bull. His flag was a white skull wearing a red bandana which emerged from its mouth like a tongue.

Little is known about his beginnings but he was said to be both a powerful ally and a ferocious enemy. He got his moniker after a particularly gruesome battle off the shores of Tortuga which ended with him personally executing the crew of a Chase Trading Company pirate hunter ship that had dogged him for weeks. A performer at heart, he loved to take to the stage whenever possible.

While little information about Red Jim survives, contemporary C.T.C. accounts claim he was a fierce defender of Driftwood, the supposed floating pirate colony thought to have been located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean in the late 1700's.

In WE CRY THE SEA, Red Jim will make sure his name goes down in history.

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