Muster Roll #18 – Vince Knight (again!)

A pencil portrait of a sexy bearded man with tattoos and an eyepatch.
Invincible “Vince” Knight, c.1781

It’s been two months since former crime lord Vince Knight took over as commander of the Port Knot watch. In that time, he’s crushed the town’s gangs, expanded the ranks and responsibilities of the watch, and introduced a law banning firearms from the whole of Blackrabbit island. His gruff exterior hides a remorseful soul trying to make up for his many, many past misdeeds.

When young sailor Felix Diamond comes the watch for help in December 1781, Vince is initially sceptical of his intentions. Nonetheless, he agrees to help Felix search for Gregory Diamond, the missing landlord of the Star We Sail By, all the while troubled by how Felix will react should he discover the devastating secret that Vince is hiding from him.

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