Teacup Promises

Teacup Promises by Glenn Quigley

Teacup Promises

Published 16th March 2024 by Spectrum Books.

ISBN: 978-1-915905-35-2


Andrew Peacock is almost forty, sleeping with an older, straight, married man, and tired of the lies. So what better time to drag everything into the open than at a party for his lover’s wedding anniversary?

Told across six instalments, three decades, and one pandemic Teacup Promises charts the key moments in the relationships of Andrew, his boyfriend Jack, Jack’s wife Harriet, and Harriet’s lover, Stephen.

Teacup Promises will be published on 16th March 2024 from Spectrum Books in paperback and ebook.

You can pre-order the book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CQFK6PSM

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