Muster Roll #20 – Dahlia Diamond

Dahlia Diamond, c.1781

Confident and guarded, Dahlia Diamond spent her entire life in the Star We Sail By. It’s not known exactly when she came to live there but she claims to have resided in the playhouse longer than any other Diamond, save for the landlord, Gregory. Certainly, she was there before Felix first arrived and long after he left. Known for her unconventional dress sense and her black Chase Trading Company jacket, Dahlia enjoyed attention, however she found it. A talented singer and performer, rumour has it she squandered her protentional in the less salubrious parts of Port Knot.

When her uncle disappears, Dahlia is shocked to find her cousin Felix has come home to search for him. Will she help in the search for their missing uncle or will she hinder Felix’s efforts to suit her own ends?

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