Exciting Book News!

I’ve signed with Spectrum Books for my first contemporary novel, TEACUP PROMISES! It will be released early 2024 in paperback and ebook. I’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order. In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

Andrew Peacock is almost forty, sleeping with an older, straight, married man, and tired of the lies. So what better time to drag everything into the open than at a party for his lover’s wedding anniversary?

​Told across six instalments, three decades, and one pandemic Teacup Promises charts the key moments in the relationships of Andrew, his boyfriend Jack, Jack’s wife Harriet, and Harriet’s lover, Stephen.

My first comic cover!

An homage to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy covers

On Hallowe’en 2023 I got my hands on the print edition of POWER BEAR#3 which I did an alternate cover for! It’s my first-ever comic book cover and I’m so thrilled to have it in my hands.

Head over to MOOM COMICS to get your copy.

Quick catch-up

It’s been a while since I posted on here. In writing news, I have a new novel coming next year. THE STAR WE SAIL BY: THE KNIGHTS OF BLACKRABBIT book 2 is coming from Ninestar Press and I have another secret project in the works. It’s a story set in a haunted lighthouse and it’ll also be out next year.

In art news, I’ve added some new NSFW pieces to my gallery:

You can find some original art and prints for sale in my Etsy shop. Free shipping worldwide!

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These Young Wolves

My next novel is coming on 20th December! THESE YOUNG WOLVES – THE KNIGHTS OF BLACKRABBIT #1 is a spin-off from The Moth and Moon trilogy. It is not necessary to have read that series before this book, however those who have read it will recognise former villain Vince Knight, who is now trying to make up for past mistakes.

These Young Wolves The Knights of Blackrabbit #1 Glenn Quigley. A solitary figure in a tricorne cap walks along a cobbles road.

From the moment Vince Knight first walked onto the page in The Lion Lies Waiting, I knew there was something special about him. Some characters require a degree of finessing and moulding to reveal their true selves. Not so with Vince. He appeared on the page fully formed and ready for action. It is a genuine thrill to be able to bring you this, the first in his adventures as head of the Port Knot Watch.

Ink portrait of handsome mean-looking bearded man with an eyepatch
Vince Knight

The Knights of Blackrabbit series is set in the Pell Isles–a group of islands situated off the coast of Cornwall. The isles and their inhabitants have been heavily influenced by the Cornish language and culture. As such, you will see words such as backalong and bleddy crop up in the dialogue. These are Cornish words which have been adopted by everyday Pellans. Backalong means in former times and bleddy is simply the word bloody in the local vernacular. Other words and phrases have been rewritten to make their meaning clearer, but I felt it important to leave some elements of the local dialect intact. I hope that Cornish people will forgive me for any little errors!

It’s worth noting that in this world, an event named “The Illumination” coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire and ultimately led to the abandonment of religious practices across the world. In England, in the year 1141, Queen Matilda passed a law declaring women equal to men with no restrictions placed on their education or the roles they could hold within society. The dearth of religious doctrine led to those who experienced life outside of the traditional to blossom and become accepted as simply another part of life. Prejudice based on gender, race, or sexuality became almost unheard of. If only our world had taken a similar path. When I started writing my first novel, The Moth and Moon, I wanted to create a world where no one would face any hardship because of their sexuality. The Illumination was my way of explaining that. It isn’t the focus of the story, and is only mention in passing during the second book in the trilogy, The Lion Lies Waiting, but I felt some kind of explanation was warranted.

This story begins on 23rd October 1781, the day after the events of We Cry the Sea (the third in the Moth and Moon trilogy). It is not essential to have read that book, nor the rest of the Moth and Moon trilogy, though doing so will provide a more detailed insight into how Vince Knight came to arrive at his current position in life.

You might be interested to know that there is a free story that acts a little prequel to THESE YOUNG WOLVES. It is available to my newsletter subscribers (there had to be a newsletter plug in here somewhere!). You can sign up for it here: glennquigley.com/newsletter

This new series is more action-packed and faster paced than my previous works and I hope that readers will enjoy it. If nothing else, it’s got big, burly, bearded men sleeping with each other and that’s gotta be worth a look, right?

THESE YOUNG WOLVES — THE KNIGHTS OF BLACKRABBIT book one will be available in paperback and Ebook, and will be released on 20th December 2022 by Ninestar Press. You can pre-order the eBook version here and get it four days early: https://ninestarpress.com/product/these-young-wolves/

I will be selling signed copies with bookmarks and limited edition art prints, and these will be available worldwide. You can find out more on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Moth and Moon trilogy is on sale for the month on December on Amazon and the Ninestar Press website.

The countdown to the showdown

The Great Santa Shown Glenn Quigley two men dressed as Santa, one holding a lantern

You can now pre-order my new short story, THE GREAT SANTA SHOWDOWN on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and a few other places.

Here are the individual links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BNYB2JRL/

JMS Books: https://www.jms-books.com/glenn-quigley-c-224_559/the-great-santa-showdown-p-4550.html

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-great-santa-showdown-glenn-quigley/1142792635

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/the-great-santa-showdown

Indigo: https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/the-great-santa-showdown/9781685502843-item.html

The Great Santa Showdown

The Great Santa Shown Glenn Quigley two men dressed as Santa, one holding a lantern

Hi everyone, here is the cover to my next release, THE GREAT SANTA SHOWDOWN! It’s a festive, feel-good fable full of fuller-figured Father Christmases!

This gay short story is up for pre-order right now from JMB Books and will be released on 10th December!

It’s two weeks before Christmas and the official Santa Claus of the small town of Yuleboro is retiring. Bookstore owner Gregory has long dreamed of taking over the role. However, he’s not the only one, as tree farmer John has been waiting his whole life for this opportunity. Alongside a host of other competitors, they’ll battle their way through a tournament designed to test the skills of any would-be Kris Kringles, and find it takes more than a belly and a beard to wear the red suit. And as Gregory and John go head to head in the first-ever Great Santa Showdown, it’s not just the competition that heats up!

This festive, feel-good fable is full of fuller-figured Father Christmases and will be available from JMS Books website and Amazon in eBook format. Here is an excerpt:

At the rear of the store, two lamps lit two plush, plum-colored couches. The couches had seen better days, with worn cushions and more than a few little rips here and there, but nothing made Gregory happier than seeing readers ensconced in them for the afternoon with a good book.

He popped a hardback copy of A Christmas Carol and Other Stories into a paper bag and handed it to a customer. “A good choice,” he said. “Happy Holidays.”

At the door, Floyd stood aside to let the customer leave. He took off his red-and-white striped bobble hat and handed over a piece of paper. “Have you seen this?”

Gregory read it, mouth agape. Under a photo of John looking -- to be fair -- amazing, were the words, Vote John Fox for Santa. The wise man’s choice.

Gregory’s eyes narrowed. “Where did you get this?”

“Right outside,” Floyd said. “He’s handing them out to everyone.”

Gregory brushed past him and stormed out of the bookstore, waving the flyer over his head. Across the street, John was riding around on the back of a vintage pickup truck decked out to look like a sleigh.

“This is cheating!” Gregory said.

John smiled at him. “That’s a very serious accusation.”

“It’s cheating and you know it.”

John banged on the side of the truck, and the driver -- a man around John’s age wearing reindeer antlers -- slowed to a stop.

Gregory peered in and recognized Seamus Byrne, the owner of the Jolly Olde Lodge, so he smiled and waved. Then he remembered that he was angry.

John lowered the trunk flap and hopped out. “There’s nothing in the rules against canvassing for support.”

“It’s ... it’s ...”


“It’s against the spirit of the competition,” Gregory said. “Which, I might add, doesn’t even start until tomorrow?”

John smiled and handed out a flyer to a passer-by. “The competition started the moment we signed our names on that form, and you know it.”

Gregory’s dander was up and that meant his tongue became untethered. “You’re too short to be Santa.”

John’s eyes flashed and his soft cheeks flushed. He pulled the Santa hat from his head and squared up to the much-taller Gregory. “I’m not too short,” he said. “I’m five-eight!”

“You’re five-five in heels,” Gregory said.

“Pah. If anything, you’re too tall! Santa Claus is an elf.”

Gregory bellowed out a laugh. “Santa’s not an elf!”

John held up one finger. “Come with me.” He beckoned Gregory to the bookshop. Floyd had been watching from the doorway and quickly stepped aside to let them in.

John looked along the holiday section -- an entire bookcase holding nothing but volumes with red or green covers -- pulled out a copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and opened it. “It says right there that Santa Claus arrives on, and I quote, a miniature sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer. And, and, he was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf. It says it right there. Elf.” John slapped the book closed and put on what must surely have been his smuggest smile. “Santa Claus is an elf.”

“He’s got you there,” Floyd said.

Gregory crossed his arms and sniffed. “That’s not canon.”

John frowned. “I beg your pardon?”

“It’s not canon. It’s not official Santa Claus lore. It’s ... fanfiction.”

John rolled his eyes. “I’m leaving. You can keep the flyer. When I’m voted in, I’ll sign it for you. To Gregory, you’re getting a lump of coal this year. Love, Santa.”

He grinned and let the door slam close behind him, vigorously tinkling the little bell above.

Stockings stuffed with paperbacks hung from the store counter on which Gregory now leaned his forehead and groaned. “Maybe I should just let him have it. I can’t compete with this.” He crumpled up John’s flyer and threw it into the waste paper basket.

“Oh, please,” Floyd said. “One little flyer isn’t going to win the competition. All you need to do is get on his good side. Make friends with him, you’re good at that.”

Gregory lifted his head. “I am?”

“Of course! Making friends is what you do! So get on his good side, get his guard down, then when he least expects it, throw him under the bus. Or under the sleigh, I guess.”

Gregory’s cheeks puffed out, quite of their own accord. “I can’t do that!”

“Sure you can!” Floyd patted Gregory’s wide chest. “You can do anything you set your mind to, big guy.”

“I mean I won’t do it.” Gregory crossed his heavy arms.

“Give me one good reason why not.”

“Because it’s ... it’s ...”


Gregory snorted. “It’s not what Santa Claus would do.”

BAQWA presents Two

I was pleased to work with BAQWA this year to create the artwork for the cover of their latest anthology.

This anthology features ten authors who share a mix a short stores and poetry all focused around the number two. As with last year’s anthology all proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Lavender Library and Archives in Sacramento, California. Find your copy on Amazon or anywhere you get your eBooks.

Release day!

Use as Wallpaper by Glenn Quigley, A NSP Romance short story, mmromance

My new mmromance short story, Use as Wallpaper is out now! This is a fun, gay, romantic story set in the beautiful country of Georgia.

Here is the blurb:

Stuart is a reporter for a seldom-watched history channel, forty-one years old, and recently single. His latest assignment has taken him to the beautiful country of Georgia to film a traditional polyphonic choir—one of the last of its kind. The choir is run by Otar, a gruff man of strong opinions who is used to getting his own way.

When it’s suggested that Stuart get involved with the choir’s latest performance, he will have to quickly learn how to sing in Georgian, perform a traditional dance, and avoid butting heads with Otar. He probably shouldn’t drink too much wine the night before the show, either.

As Otar struggles to keep the past alive, can he help Stuart to leave his behind?

Here are some links to places you can buy Use As Wallpaper, published by Ninestar Press.

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