Muster Roll #8 – Baxbary Mudge

Ink portrait of a smiling man in a fox mask
Baxbary Mudge, c.1780
Sometime in the 1740’s, Baxbary Mudge was born into a successful and wealthy mining family on Blackrabbit Island. He was afforded all the usual privileges of wealth, including a top-class education. He grew to be a man of ruthless ambition and set his sights firmly on getting a place on the ruling council of Blackrabbit.

The council had five positions - Rabbit (the head of the council), Badger (minister for land), Swan (minister for water), Magpie (minister for finance) and Fox (the voice of opposition). His father, Malcolm Mudge, served on the ruling council for many years as Fox. Each member wore an animal mask made of feathers, a custom stretching back to the earliest days of the island.

Through the manipulation of his own lover at the time, Baxbary orchestrated the ousting and arrest of Malcolm Mudge, then took over the position of Fox. At the same time, Baxbary was working with Vince Knight to control the criminal gangs on the island, ensuring he had a pool of wrong-un's to do his bidding.

In THE LION LIES WAITING, Baxbary's shady dealings will come to the fore, and his ultimate plan for Blackrabbit Island will be revealed.

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