Muster Roll #6 – Vince Knight

Ink portrait of handsome mean-looking bearded man with an eyepatch
Vince Knight, c.1781
Big, bad, and dangerous to know, Vince Knight was a snowy-haired, tattooed powerhouse. At the time the above drawing was made, he was in his early fifties and still built like a frigate.

Vince never knew his father. His mother, Honor Knight, was a member of staff at the prestigious Chase Manor. Unable to devote herself to both the Chase family and her son, she placed the infant Vince in a local orphanage until he was old enough to work in the kitchens at the Manor.

Vince struggled to adapt to life at the Manor house. After being humbled in a boxing match with a stable hand, the young Vince dedicated himself to being bigger and stronger than anyone else. It wasn’t long before the strapping young lad with the devastating left hook came to the attention of a local criminal in the town of Port Knot who recruited Vince as his enforcer.

As time went on, Vince developed quite the fearsome reputation, rising quickly through the criminal underworld. He really came into his own when he became the right-hand man to Councillor Baxbary Mudge. Together, the two put a stranglehold on the criminals of the town, uniting the various gangs, and eventually controlling everything that was illicit in the town. Baxbary Mudge was the respectable face, the politician, the charmer. Vince was the muscle.

While Vince was known to bed anyone who was willing, and likely fathered more than a few children, he eventually married a man named Martin — a gambler who was said to have had a calming effect on Vince. After Martin's murder by a rival crime lord, Vince went on a revenge spree that left several people dead. Finally tiring of that life, Vince sought a way out and tried to turn over a new leaf.

 In WE CRY THE SEA, Vince will discover that the past has a way of catching up with us.

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