Muster Roll #2 – Edwin Farriner

Edwin Farriner, c.1780
Tall, handsome, ginger-haired, easy to talk to, well-liked — on the surface, Edwin Farriner had it all. A bit of a tearaway in his younger days, he’d always been up for a drink and a good time but had to calm down after his brother died and he was left to take over the family bakery. By the year of the hurricane, 1780, he’d turned forty years old, was going a bit doughy around the middle, and starting to feel the weight of responsibility on his broad shoulders. Outwardly, he seemed to be coping well enough but appearances can be deceiving. 

In THE LION LIES WAITING Edwin will learn that everyone has their breaking point as he's forced to stand up to the most fearsome force in his life - his own mother.

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