Curse of the Stag’s Eye

Here is the teaser cover to my next novel, CURSE OF THE STAG’S EYE

ipad and paperback versions of Curse of the Stag's Eye by Glenn Quigley

The book will be available in eBook and paperback and is available to pre-order now!

High on a wave-dashed cliff, the ancient standing stone known as the Stag’s Eye jealously watches over a cursed lighthouse with a grisly past. Paranormal investigator Rhys has chosen this place to hold his first-ever ghost tour. Ghost-hunting veteran Dawn and her boyfriend Nikesh are eager to go exploring, while first-timer Gaz is hoping to learn more about the spirit world. He also intends to learn more about Rhys for various reasons, not all of which are entirely innocent.

The ghost of a murdered lighthouse keeper is said to climb the stairs every night, tending to the light, but other, far more sinister phantoms may lurk in the shadows. As the night wears on and the haunting becomes more and more hazardous, Rhys and Gaz grow closer. However, it soon becomes clear that not everyone on the tour is being honest about their reasons for being there. Can the supernatural activity be blamed on the curse of the Stag’s Eye or does someone know more than they’re letting on?

Curse of the Stag’s Eye is a part of the Haunted Hearts Series.

Haunted Hearts is an Own-Voices Paranormal Romance Series about love and the things go boo in the night. Join us on our romantic journeys over 10 books from some of your favorite authors! Be sure to read the entire series so you don’t miss a moment of falling in love, or sometimes falling into a happily ever after-life! Each book is a standalone but why not read them all? Everyone deserves the HEA!

You can pre-order CURSE OF THE STAG’S EYE and the entire HAUNTED HEARTS series right now.

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