W5 with A.C. Thomas about CAPTIVATED

A.C. Thomas stops by to answer five questions about CAPTIVATED

Who is the star of your book?

CAPTIVATED follows Dr. Theophrastus Campbell, the missing twin from the first book in the series, through his abduction and subsequent adventures in space. Chaotic, intellectual Theo clashes with Captain Park, his mysterious tattooed captor, at first, but they soon discover they have more to gain from working together. 

What is your story about?

It’s about love and adventure, above all. The story also explores themes of corruption, redemption, and self-acceptance. It’s about breaking free to live a life true to yourself, which Theo only discovers once he is captured. Captain Park has lived a dangerous life with a checkered past, but Theo helps him to live in the present and open his heart to new experiences. 

When is it set?

CAPTIVATED is set in a nebulous future/past, with Victorian elements woven into a futuristic sci-fi setting.

Where is it set?

The majority of the story is set in space, aboard a ship crewed by Captain Park’s ragtag band of misfits. Along their journey, they visit various settlements and planets with a wide variety of cultures.

Why this story?

The first book in the series, RESTRICTED, followed Theo’s twin’s journey to find his missing brother. In CAPTIVATED, we get to see what Theo has been up to the whole time. While Ari was frantically searching through space, and finding a love of his own, what was Theo doing? CAPTIVATED answers that question and more. 

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W5 with Kevin Klehr about WINTER MASQUERADE

Today’s five questions are with Kevin Klehr about Winter Masquerade from Ninestar Press!

Who is the star of your book?

Although Ferris is the main character, I’ve learnt never to assume who will be the star of a book. It was Guy, the insecure angel, that readers fell in love with in my first novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes.

So, in this tale, there’s a cast of whimsical characters who could be the star. There’s Janus, a miniature flying horse who helps the Detective solve cases. There’s Molly, the absent-minded mistress of The Alchemist, who is also his wife’s best friend. Or maybe it’s Cole, Ferris’s love interest who wears sunglasses and a white suit, playing it oh so cool throughout the story.

I’ll let the readers decide who the star is.

What is your story about?

In short, it’s the story of Ferris who wakes up on the Sea Queen, a mystical cruise liner sailing on a chocolate sea. He misses his boyfriends in the real world but the only person who can help him, The Alchemist, has been kidnapped.

But while the novella is eccentric and childlike, it explores dark themes within the gay community.

When is it set? Where is it set?

Ferris lives in present day Sydney, but the ship he finds himself on is timeless. It sails forever, hosting one masquerade ball after another.

Yet the world the Sea Queen inhabits is known to go steampunk from time to time.

Why this story?

I wanted to explore an experience from my own past. Several decades on I felt ready to re-examine it in a fantasy setting.

You watch the trailer for WINTER MASQUERADE here:

Author bio

Kevin lives with his husband, Warren, in their humble apartment (affectionately named Sabrina), in Australia’s own ‘Emerald City,’ Sydney.

Kevin Klehr

His tall tales explore unrequited love in the theatre district of the Afterlife, romance between a dreamer and a realist, and a dystopian city addicted to social media.

His first novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes, spawned a secondary character named Guy. Many readers argue that Guy, the insecure gay angel, is the star of the Actors and Angels book series. His popularity surprised the author. The third in this series, Drama Queens and Devilish Schemes, scored a Rainbow Award (judged by fans of queer fiction) for Best Gay Alternative Universe/Reality novel.

So, with his fictional guardian angel guiding him, Kevin hopes to bring more whimsical tales of love, life and friendship to his readers.


Website: https://kevinklehr.com/

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DramaQueensWithLoveScenes/

Twitter: @kevinklehr

Instagram: @klehrkevin

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4298144.Kevin_Klehr

W5 with Dez Schwartz

Today in my series of five questions with authors, it’s DEZ SCHWARTZ!

Who is the star of your book?

Haunted Road Trip is the third book in The Dead Oaks, a YA LGBTQ Paranormal novella series.  The series has two main characters, Jasper Jelinek and Wesley Shain.  This installment focuses more heavily on Wesley (“Wes”), a theater kid with a passion for the paranormal, and the personal challenges he’s facing heading into college life.

The Dead Oaks
by Dez Schwartz

What is your story about?

The Dead Oaks series is about a group of amateur teenage paranormal investigators and Haunted Road Trip is exactly what you’d expect; they take their passion for ghost-hunting on the road in an effort to visit some famous haunted locations in their home-state before they all have to head into the next phase of their lives.

When is it set?

This is a contemporary story set in the midst of summer; mostly at night.

Where is it set?

The Dead Oaks takes place in the fictional town of Hazelwood, CT.  Haunted Road Trip visits several spooky locations which are loosely based on real-life haunted places in Connecticut.  I chose Connecticut for this series because it is widely regarded as one of the most haunted states in America which gives me plenty of room to work with any ideas that pop into my imagination.

Why this story?

Haunted Road Trip deals with the pressure most of us feel to be successful.  Unfortunately, sometimes we let our success be defined by societal or family expectations which can be overwhelming and stifling. This is a common, and important, struggle that teens face heading into adulthood and I felt it was necessary to explore that with Wesley’s character.


Dez Schwartz writes Dreampunk and  LGBTQ Paranormal Fiction about dapper occultists, ghost hunters, and scheming supernaturals. Her Dreampunk series, ROAM, is now available through NineStar Press.

When she’s not writing, Dez likes to research the supernatural, draw, and take Disney trips.

Dez lives with her husband, daughter, and pirate crew of pets in a small Texas town that is home to a handful of historical haunts.

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Connect with Dez:

Facebook: DezSchwartz

Instagram: dezschwartzauthor

Twitter: dez_schwartz


The book sounds amazing! Thanks for stopping by, Dez!


W5 with Casey Wolfe

Next in my series of five questions with Ninestar Press authors, it’s Casey Wolfe!

Who is the star of your book? 

A Vampire’s Redemption is the second book of the Inquisition Trilogy, and turns the reins over to a new couple in the group: Caleb, everyone’s favorite, punkish werewolf from the first book, and his newly found mate, Marcus, who is a vampire.

What is your story about?

With the Inquisition revealed to be the evil entity they truly are, the organization is crumbling and the members who’ve escaped capture are on the run.  They aren’t going down without a fight, continuing to weave unknown plots and digging in at Inquisition hideaways.  Allied military forces have been tasked with rooting them out, including Shaw’s spec-ops team.  But, the military aren’t the only ones getting their hands dirty.

When is it set?

It’s contemporary, set in modern day with all the conveniences you’d expect, however…

Where is it set?

The trilogy is set in the world of Eiocha (named after the Celtic creation myth), where magic exists.  Various fantasy races have lived side-by-side with mundane humans for hundreds of years, though not without some issues.  Book 2 still finds us in the country of Osterian, but we also get to visit Calagon this time around, and even more of the world is introduced as it stretches out before us in the form of backstories and Inquisition plots.

Why this story? 

When I began writing the first book, it was intended to be a novella, but it quickly grew a lot more plot and became a full-blown novel.  That was when Caleb decided to fall in love with Marcus and what was once a novel became a trilogy.  Honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened.  One book couldn’t contain the massive world I had created in my head.  So, why this story in particular?  Well, this one is simply because a werewolf looked at a vampire and said “That one’s mine.”

Blurb: Marcus was likely dead, killed by the Inquisition, or so it was believed. Then the vampire was found, broken beyond words, in an isolated prison fortress. Marcus had never expected to see daylight again, let alone be rescued by his mate. Now he worries he’ll drag Caleb into his darkness.

Caleb was the one who pulled Marcus out of his prison cell, and he’s determined to drag him from the nightmares of his mind as well. After all, that’s what mates are for, and Caleb had lost hope at finding his. And if he can help destroy the entire Inquisition? Well, all the better.

Dealing with Marcus’s physical and mental healing from his trauma is difficult enough, but Inquisition holdouts are causing chaos everywhere, and sinister plots are rampant. Marcus and Caleb have no choice but to fight back. It’s a good thing they are not alone.

Buy Links:

NineStar Press: https://ninestarpress.com/product/a-vampires-redemption/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SB5Y42L/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-vampires-redemption-casey-wolfe/1131770528

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/941400

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/a-vampire-s-redemption

About the Author:

History nerd, film buff, avid gamer, and full-time geek; all of these things describe Casey Wolfe. They prefer being lost in the world of fiction—wandering through fantasy realms, traveling the outer reaches of space, or delving into historical time periods. Casey is non-binary and ace, living with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, all of which informs their writing in various ways. Happily married, Casey and their partner live in the middle-of-nowhere, Ohio with their furry, four-legged children.

Website: https://authorcaseywolfe.wordpress.com


Thanks for stopping by, Casey, and best of luck with your new novel!


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