Use as Wallpaper pre-order

You can now pre-order my new short story, Use as Wallpaper, and get it four days early!

The story will be released on 23rd August but if you order direct from the Ninestar Press you can get it right now!

This is my first contemporary story and my first published short story. It’s a fun, gay rom-com (mm romance) and I’m excited for you to read it. It’s had some great advance reviews over on Instagram already!

I sent out some advance review copies and I’ve gotten my some lovely reviews already:

This story is a great introduction to this author’s writing. His affectionately drawn, intensely human characters are relatable and likeable, the dialogue sparky…

Deliciously Dark Romance

​Elegant and intelligent writing with hilarious dialog and lovable characters.

Jonathan Scott, Rainbow.ReaderJSW on Instagram

The writing itself was wonderful. The setting and premise of the story all fit, overall wonderful short story!

Bethany Levesque, PolishObsessedHoarder on Instagram

Here is the blurb:

Stuart is a reporter for a seldom-watched history channel, forty-one years old, and recently single. His latest assignment has taken him to the beautiful country of Georgia to film a traditional polyphonic choir—one of the last of its kind. The choir is run by Otar, a gruff man of strong opinions who is used to getting his own way.

When it’s suggested that Stuart get involved with the choir’s latest performance, he will have to quickly learn how to sing in Georgian, perform a traditional dance, and avoid butting heads with Otar. He probably shouldn’t drink too much wine the night before the show, either.

As Otar struggles to keep the past alive, can he help Stuart to leave his behind?

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