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Next in my series of 5 questions with Ninestar Press authors, it’s Chris Bedell!

CJ Bedell IntheNameofMagic

Who is the star of your book?
17-year-old Maximillian is the star of IN THE NAME OF MAGIC.

What is your story about?
IN THE NAME OF MAGIC is about fascism in a Contemporary Earth-like fantasy/fairytale setting–Nonmagical people are being persecuted, and Maximillian must save his nonmagical best friend, Katherine, after her parents are murdered by Queen Vivian’s regime. Meanwhile, Maximillian is also pursuing a burgeoning relationship with Vivian’s estranged, younger brother, Prince Stefan.

When is it set?
It’s set in a time period that is modeled after the 1930’s–so there’s cars, electricity, indoor plumbing, etc. but no internet.

Where is it set?
It’s set in the country of Magnifico which is modeled after Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s USSR and Fransisco Franco’s Spain.

Why this story?
I always wanted to write a YA Dystopian novel, but could never find the right story to tell.


Nonmagical people are being demonized and falsely blamed for Magnifico’s economic problems after Queen Vivian’s bloody rise to power. But politics very quickly becomes more than abstract views to argue when secret police wolves are deployed throughout the country to kill those born without magical abilities.

Seventeen-year-old Maximillian’s best friend Katherine is one such nonmagical person. In a bid to keep her safe, Maximillian turns to the queen’s estranged younger brother, a man thought to be dead until recently.

Prince Stefan is nineteen years old and has been in hiding from his family for years. He has no desire to resurface in the political world, but Maximillian must convince him that the country needs him before it is too late.

CJ Bedell IntheNameofMagic

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About the author:

My previous publishing credits include Thought Catalog, Crab Fat LiteraCJ Bedell picry Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Pidgeonholes Magazine, Abbreviate Journal, Short-Story.me, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Chicago Literati, The Vignette Review, Teleport Magazine, Entropy Magazine, Inklette Magazine, Sprout Magazine, and The Drunken Odyssey. I’m also a contributing blog writer to Moledro Magazine and YAtopia. I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in May of 2016.

Thanks for joining in, Chris!

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