W5 with L.A. Ashton about ECHOES

who what when where why bannerNext in my series of 5 questions with Ninestar Press authors, it’s L.A.Ashton!


Who is the star of your book?
Oskar–a thousand year old Viking vampire and Aranck–a thousand year old Native American vampire.

What is your story about?
Oskar and Aranck were the best of friends while human. After a millennia of assuming the other dead, they find each other once again.

When is it set?
Modern day!

Where is it set?
Corn Country (read: Iowa and the Midwest)

Why this story?
Because I’ve loved vampires since I was young, and because queer folks deserve all the fun, tropey stories the cishets get!

“In the scheme of Oskar’s long life, they’d spent such little time together. And yet he was left feeling that the time they’d spent together had been the most full, the most important, and the most impossible to replicate. Perhaps it was because the end of their time had been punctuated by Oskar’s death– having Aranck was the same as having a heartbeat.” * * * After one thousand years of listless eternity, Oskar is used to his particular brand of loneliness. But a long walk through middle America and a few chance encounters will lead him straight to a man he’d known to be long since dead—his childhood best friend, Aranck. Together the two vampires remember what it felt like to live, all the while navigating a conflict with the local pack of werewolves. A lot has changed in a thousand years, and only time will tell if those changes will bring Oskar and Aranck closer together, or ensure they remain apart.




L.A. Ashton is an LGBT+ author writing LGBT+ fiction. LA AshtonThey enjoy rock music,  traveling, and anything else that adds color to their daydreams. They believe in  the healing properties of art and of having a cat firmly stationed on one’s lap. Their official site can be found at www.LAAshton.com


Thanks for joining in and I wish all the best with ECHOES!


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