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I’ve signed with Spectrum Books for my first contemporary novel, TEACUP PROMISES! It will be released early 2024 in paperback and ebook. I’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order. In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

Andrew Peacock is almost forty, sleeping with an older, straight, married man, and tired of the lies. So what better time to drag everything into the open than at a party for his lover’s wedding anniversary?

​Told across six instalments, three decades, and one pandemic Teacup Promises charts the key moments in the relationships of Andrew, his boyfriend Jack, Jack’s wife Harriet, and Harriet’s lover, Stephen.

Use as Wallpaper cover reveal

I’m very pleased to present the cover to USE AS WALLPAPER. This is my first contemporary story and my first published short story. It’s a fun rom-com set in the beautiful country of Georgia.

Cover for a story named Use as Wallpaper by Glenn Quigley. Two deck chairs and two glasses of wine by a lake surrounded by trees.

Here is the blurb:

Stuart is a reporter for a seldom-watched history channel, forty-one years old, and recently single. His latest assignment has taken him to the beautiful country of Georgia to film a traditional polyphonic choir—one of the last of its kind. The choir is run by Otar, a gruff man of strong opinions who is used to getting his own way.

When it’s suggested that Stuart get involved with the choir’s latest performance, he will have to quickly learn how to sing in Georgian, perform a traditional dance, and avoid butting heads with Otar. He probably shouldn’t drink too much wine the night before the show, either.

As Otar struggles to keep the past alive, can he help Stuart to leave his behind?

USE AS WALLPAPER will be released on 23rd August by Ninestar Press and will be available on their website, Amazon, and most major e-book retailers. I’ll update this post as soon as the pre-order and buy links are available!

This story is totally stand-alone and unconnected to my novels. If you’ve been thinking about trying out my writing, here’s an easy and affordable way to do so. I’m very excited for people to read this story!

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We Cry The Sea

I can finally show you the cover to my latest novel, WE CRY THE SEA! This is the third in the series that started with THE MOTH AND MOON and continued in THE LION LIES WAITING. This time we see burly gay fisherman Robin Shipp set off alone on a perilous journey across the ocean!

The book is released on 15th March 2021. If you pre-order the ebook format here https://ninestarpress.com/product/we-cry-the-sea/ you’ll get it three days early and you can use the code WELCOMEGQ to get 40% off! The code works across the whole site so you could buy all three books as a gift for someone, if you wanted to! You don’t have to but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

I’ll have info on the print version soon!


After the explosive events of The Lion Lies Waiting, life has returned to normal for burly fisherman Robin Shipp. That is until the innkeeper of the ancient Moth & Moon approaches him with a surprising proposal, and an unexpected arrival brings some shocking news that sends Robin on a perilous journey alone.

While he’s away, his lover, Edwin, anxiously prepares for the birth of his first child with his friend, Iris. Her wife, Lady Eva, must travel to Blackrabbit Island for a showdown over the future of the family business. Meanwhile, Duncan nurses an injured man back to health but as the two grow close, the island’s new schoolmaster makes his amorous intentions clear.

Robin’s search for answers to the questions that have haunted his entire life will take him away from everyone he knows, across a dangerous ocean, and into the very heart of a floating pirate stronghold. Pushed to his limits, Robin’s one last chance at finding the truth will cost him more than he ever imagined.

THE MOTH AND MOON was released in March 2018 and THE LION LIES WAITING came out in December of that year. This book has been a long time coming but I think it was worth the wait.

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