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This Hallowe’en, I have a brand new spooky short story for you! The innkeeper of the Moth & Moon loves to tell ghost stories, so while two sailors take shelter from a storm he tells them a tale about a hard-working coach driver, her mysterious passenger, and the terrifying secrets they uncovered in THE HOUSE ON GRAVEL HILL!

The story is free but at the bottom of the page you’ll find a link to my Ko-fi where you can leave me a tip or buy me a coffee. As a thank you, you’ll get THE HOUSE ON GRAVEL HILL in PDF, MOBI, and EPB format to read on your Kindle or other device. This story isn’t available anywhere else!

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W5 with John Patrick about FRANKLIN IN PARADISE

Who is the star of your book?

Franklin! He’s an eighteen-year-old neuro-diverse gay man who is absolutely, positively, one hundred percent (well, almost) ready for his first boyfriend. He needs order, structure, and clarity—all of which goes out the window when an apocalyptic man-made virus is loosed upon the world, killing nearly everyone. But at least the disaster brings Patrick into his life. If only Patrick wasn’t…what was it again…ace?…grey ace? Demisexual? 

What is your story about?

Franklin in Paradise is a queer post-apocalypse romance. It’s about overcoming labels and the constraints we all place on ourselves and others. It’s about finding love and community against the odds. After all, every TEOTWAWKI needs a happy ending, right? 

When is it set?

The book is set in the near future. I starting writing it before COVID, so you can imagine I needed to tweak it a bit once an actual real-life virus started disrupting all of our lives.

Where is it set?

Much of the story takes place at the fictional Paradise Shaker Village in northern Maine. The Shakers were a religious community consisting of many thousands of members at their peak in the mid-1800s. They lived apart from the rest of the world in well-developed villages with successful, respected industries such as furniture making and textiles. Paradise Shaker Village is such a community, restored to its pre-industrial age glory as a living history museum.

Why this story?

It’s about the labels really. There is such a broad spectrum of conditions under the autism umbrella, and each individual has their own complexities—which is true for all of us, of course. Queer neuro-diverse young people face their own unique challenges, and I thought it would be both enlightening and entertaining to see the ever-changing LBTQIA+ acronym through the eyes of a young queer person who needs definition and clarity. Spoiler Alert: Love wins out in the end. It always does.    


Life is good for eighteen-year-old Franklin. He lives on the spectrum, structuring and organizing his days, avoiding messy situations and ambiguity. But what he really wants is a boyfriend.

Twenty-one-year-old Patrick has a past he can’t seem to shake, and a sexual identity that’s hard to describe—or maybe it’s just evolving.

When a manmade virus sweeps the globe, killing nearly everyone, the two young men find themselves thrust together, dependent on each other for survival. As they begin to rebuild their world, their feelings for each other deepen. But Franklin needs definition and clarity, and Patrick’s identity as asexual—or demisexual, or grey ace?—isn’t helping.

These two men will need to look beyond their labels if they are going to find love at the end of the world.



ohn Patrick lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, where he is supported in his writing by his husband and their terrier, who is convinced he could do battle with the bears that come through the woods on occasion (the terrier, that is, not the husband).

John is an introvert and can often be found doing introverted things like reading or writing, cooking, and thinking deep, contemplative thoughts (his husband might call this napping). He loves to spend time in nature—“forest bathing” is the Japanese term for it—feeling connected with the universe. But he also loathes heat and humidity, bugs of any sort, and unsteady footing in the form of rocks, mud, tree roots, snow, or ice. So, his love of nature is tempered; he’s complicated that way.

John and his husband enjoy traveling and have visited over a dozen countries, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and—most importantly—discovering new foods. After such travels, John invariably comes down with a cold. During a trip to Japan in 2019, he was amazed by how many people wore surgical masks in public to protect both themselves and others from viruses. “Gosh,” John thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we’d do this in the US?” John sometimes regrets the wishes he makes.


Thanks for stopping by, John. Best of luck with the new book!


W5 with A.C. Thomas about CAPTIVATED

A.C. Thomas stops by to answer five questions about CAPTIVATED

Who is the star of your book?

CAPTIVATED follows Dr. Theophrastus Campbell, the missing twin from the first book in the series, through his abduction and subsequent adventures in space. Chaotic, intellectual Theo clashes with Captain Park, his mysterious tattooed captor, at first, but they soon discover they have more to gain from working together. 

What is your story about?

It’s about love and adventure, above all. The story also explores themes of corruption, redemption, and self-acceptance. It’s about breaking free to live a life true to yourself, which Theo only discovers once he is captured. Captain Park has lived a dangerous life with a checkered past, but Theo helps him to live in the present and open his heart to new experiences. 

When is it set?

CAPTIVATED is set in a nebulous future/past, with Victorian elements woven into a futuristic sci-fi setting.

Where is it set?

The majority of the story is set in space, aboard a ship crewed by Captain Park’s ragtag band of misfits. Along their journey, they visit various settlements and planets with a wide variety of cultures.

Why this story?

The first book in the series, RESTRICTED, followed Theo’s twin’s journey to find his missing brother. In CAPTIVATED, we get to see what Theo has been up to the whole time. While Ari was frantically searching through space, and finding a love of his own, what was Theo doing? CAPTIVATED answers that question and more. 

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Thanks for stopping by, A.C., and all the best with CAPTIVATED!


We Cry The Sea is OUT NOW!

Today’s the day! The third book in my Moth and Moon series, WE CRY THE SEA, is out now! Currently, it’s available in ebook right now and the print edition is coming, I’m just waiting on the ISBN number. The pandemic has slowed everything down, unfortunately.

You can get the ebook format from all the usual places. Books2Read has a universal link so you can buy from your preferred place.

After the explosive events of The Lion Lies Waiting, life has returned to normal for burly fisherman Robin Shipp. That is until the innkeeper of the ancient Moth & Moon approaches him with a surprising proposal, and an unexpected arrival brings some shocking news that sends Robin on a perilous journey alone.

While he’s away, his lover, Edwin, anxiously prepares for the birth of his first child with his friend, Iris. Her wife, Lady Eva, must travel to Blackrabbit Island for a showdown over the future of the family business. Meanwhile, Duncan nurses an injured man back to health but as the two grow close, the island’s new schoolmaster makes his amorous intentions clear.

Robin’s search for answers to the questions that have haunted his entire life will take him away from everyone he knows, across a dangerous ocean, and into the very heart of a floating pirate stronghold. Pushed to his limits, Robin’s one last chance at finding the truth will cost him more than he ever imagined.

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