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We discussed my writing and in particular my new novel THE LION LIES WAITING. From how I went about building the world of the book to the way it builds upon events in THE MOTH AND MOON.

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W5 with JP Jackson

For this instalment of W5, I’m delighted to welcome JP Jackson!

Who is the star of your book?

James Martin is the protagonist of Magic or Die. He is more of an Anti-hero. At the beginning of the book, he’s drunk, living in a studio apartment, lost – just a mess of a human being – when he gets a call from the CMRD (Centre for Magical Research and Development).  That call changes everything and drags James back through haunted memories he’d rather not face. The facility that once saved him now threatens to destroy him.

What is your story about? 

Magic or Die is about a few things.  Survival, becoming part of a team, learning to trust others, and finding out how to let go.

When is it set? 

The story takes place in the here and now – but in an alternate reality where a percentage of the population is born with magical/supernatural abilities.

Where is it set?

I’m always careful to ensure that my stories are Canadian based. But I’ve never really said exactly where the story takes place. It could be Edmonton, (where I’m from) or maybe Calgary, or Saskatoon, or…Somewhere on the Canadian Prairies. That much is certain. I toyed with the idea of it taking place in Vancouver – but Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver always get all the action and I wanted to spread the Canadiana love around.

Why this story?  

I have a serious love of all things dark and magical.  If it looks like it might eat you or maybe help you…that’s my jam.  There’s not really enough Urban Fantasy/Paranormal books out there that dance on that fine line – The Sookie Stackhouse series – the books the TV show True Blood were modeled after, are close. Those were written by Charlaine Harris. She has another series called Midnight Texas.  Love both of them…but I wanted something edgier, a little darker, and of course, where the main characters were LGBTQ+. Both of those series have gay and lesbian side characters, but I’m tired of being the side character. I want books where we’re the heroes.

Magic or Die is the first book in a series, and each book will progressively get a little darker. Hopefully, someone will get eaten.  ;o)

James Martin is a teacher, a powerful Psychic, and an alcoholic. He used to work for the Center for Magical Research and Development, a facility that houses people who can’t control their supernatural abilities, but left after one of his students was killed, turning to vodka to soothe his emotional pain. The problem is he still has one year left on his contract.

When James returns to the CMRD to fulfill the rest of his contract, he finds himself confronting the demons of his past and attempting to protect his new class from a possible death sentence, because if they don’t pass their final exams, they’ll be euthanized.

James also discovers that his class isn’t bringing in enough sponsors, the agencies and world governments who supply grants and ultimately purchase graduates of the CMRD, and that means no profit for the facility. James and his students face impossible odds—measure up to the facility’s unreachable standards or escape. 

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J.P. Jackson works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, where if cornered he’d confess to casting spells to ensure clinicians actually use the electronic medical charting system he configures and implements.

JP Jackson

At night however, the writing happens, where demons, witches and shape shifters congregate around the kitchen table and general chaos ensues. The insurance company refuses to accept any more claims of ‘acts of the un-god’, and his husband of 21 years has very firmly put his foot down on any further wraith summoning’s in the basement. And apparently imps aren’t house-trainable. Occasionally the odd ghost or member of the Fae community stops in for a glass of wine and stories are exchanged. Although the husband doesn’t know it, the two Chihuahuas are in cahoots with the spell casting.

J.P.’s other hobbies include hybridizing African Violets (thanks to grandma), extensive travelling and believe it or not, knitting.


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W5 with M.D. Neu

I’m delighted to welcome back M.D. Neu for this instalment of W5!

Who is the star of your book?

I kind of have three stars.

Todd Landon is human, living and working in the United States of America. His life is similar to those around him: home, family, work, friends, and a husband.

Mirtoff Esmi is the first of her clan to be the Leader of the Nentraee. Her sole focus is to find them a home before their fleet of ships can no longer carry the last survivors of their dead world. With her brother, niece, and Faa (her companion animal) supporting her, she carries the weight of her world on her shoulders.

Mi’ko Soemu remembers the Nentraee home world for both its failures and its triumphs, which is why he holds the position of Vice-Speaker, supporting the efforts of the Nentraee Leader. He is father and husband first and will do what he needs to do to ensure his family and his fellow nentraee are safe and make it to a new world.

What is your story about?

The story is about a race of aliens coming to earth in need of our help. It’s about how we deal with this new reality when it throws all that we believe into question. Will we show our best selves or will we let our fear of the other destroy our first contact with an alien race?

When is it set?

The story is set in modern times.

Where is it set?

The story is set both on the alien ships and in San Jose, California. There are of course other locations, but these are the main locations.

Why this story?

I wanted a story that showed a non-typical hero, someone who could be any of us. Not the typical action hero. I wanted to flip the switch on what it means to be a hero. Plus, I really, really, really, wanted to write a space opera.  


A little blue world, the third planet from the sun. It’s home to 7 billion people with all manner of faiths, beliefs and customs, divided by bigotry and misunderstanding, who will soon be told they are not alone in the universe. Anyone watching from the outside would pass by this fractured and tumultuous world, unless they had no other choice. Todd Landon is one of these people, living and working in a section of the world called the United States of America. His life is similar to those around him: home, family, work, friends and a husband. 

On the cusp of the greatest announcement humankind has ever witnessed, Todd’s personal world is thrown into turmoil when his estranged brother shows up on his front porch with news of ships heading for Earth’s orbit. The ships are holding the Nentraee, a humanoid race who have come to Earth in need of help after fleeing the destruction of their homeworld. How will one man bridge the gap for both the Humans and Nentraee, amongst mistrust, terrorist attacks and personal loss? Will this be the start of a new age of man or will bigotry and miscommunication bring this small world to its knees and final end?


A New World-Contact:

A New World: Contact
is the first book in the series

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A New World-Conviction:

A New World: Conviction
is the second part of the series

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M.D. Neu is a LGBTQA Fiction Writer with a love for writing and travel. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) and growing up around technology, he’s always been fascinated with what could be. Specifically drawn to Science Fiction and Paranormal television and novels, M.D. Neu was inspired by the great Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stephen King, Alice Walker, Alfred Hitchcock, Harvey Fierstein, Anne Rice, and Kim Stanley Robinson. An odd combination, but one that has influenced his writing.

Growing up in an accepting family as a gay man he always wondered why there were never stories reflecting who he was. Constantly surrounded by characters that only reflected heterosexual society, M.D. Neu decided he wanted to change that. So, he took to writing, wanting to tell good stories that reflected our diverse world.

When M.D. Neu isn’t writing, he works for a non-profit and travels with his biggest supporter and his harshest critic, Eric his husband of twenty plus years.









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W5 with M. Rose Flores about THE END

Up next in my series of 5 questions, it’s M. Rose Flores!

Who is the star of your book?

Cate, a badass bisexual teen girl, immune to the zombie virus.

What is your book about?

The apocalypse, which Cate and her sister Melody must brave together in order to find their scattered family. Along the way, they find that not all zombies are just zombies. Many, in fact, are more like people than anyone could have guessed.

When is your book set?

THE END is a contemporary novel.

THE END by M. Rose Flores

Where is your book set?

All along the west coast of the United States.

Why this story?

I had a boy in my head. A skinny, melancholy foster kid with brains for days and a smart mouth that sometimes got him in trouble. His name was Marco. Cate came almost immediately after, a spunky closeted teen girl who was still looking for her place in the world. They were two friends, torn apart by the apocalypse. The rest fell into place.


On Cate Mortensen’s seventeenth birthday, her family is scattered in a fight for survival, and she and her sister Melody are catapulted headfirst into a world where their phones are just hunks of plastic, they must scavenge for every bite, and they sleep with weapons in their hands. Traveling alone, and then not so alone, they follow the route their family planned to Alcatraz Island where the hope of safety and a real life awaits.

After more than a year on the road, Cate has found three things to be true. One: Zombies are a thing now. Two: Not all zombies are just zombies. Three (the game changer): Cate is immune to the infection.

THE END by M. Rose Flores is available now from NineStar Press, Amazon, and other booksellers


M. Rose Flores has enjoyed writing since she learned how to string letters together. She grew up in the vast green Pacific Northwest of the United States, which with its dense forests, four seasons, and proximity to the ocean made a perfect setting for The End. When she isn’t writing on her computer or in a notebook (though scraps of paper and the palm of her hand will do in a pinch), she works as a professional dog trainer and loves every part of it, even the copious amounts of drool. She believes everyone should be represented in literature and all other media. The End is her first novel.


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W5 with B.J. Smyth about Daddy Bear 4

who what when where why banner

Next in my series of 5 questions, it’s B.J Smyth!

Who is the star of your book?
Carter (the Boy) and Frank, (the Daddy Bear).

What is your story about?

This is the fourth book in the Daddy Bear series telling the adventures of Carter and Frank in a  steamy Daddy\Boy romance.

It can be read as a standalone short or if you want to know how it all began you can read the previous books on Amazon.

When is it set?
Present day.

Where is it set?
London UK

Why this story?

I enjoy the dynamics in an age-gap gay relationship, There is a lot of gay romance written about young college guys but very little about Bears.

So my books give me a chance to tell their story all my books are about older bear type guys.


Carter wants a Daddy bear and needs him to love him.

Carter is Twenty-Two, insecure and immature, but from the moment he met Frank he knew he wanted him as his Daddy bear.

Frank is Forty-Five, confused by his feelings for his Ex. He is infatuated by Carter’s attention towards him, but never dating a younger guy he is finding it hard to deal with Carter’s immaturity.

Six months later they are still dating and Carter still wants a fulltime Daddy.

During these months together the bond between them is growing and Carter has used his boyish charms to get Frank to become the Daddy he wants so badly.

Frank is enjoying playing the Daddy but he is still unsure about Carter coming into his life fulltime, having already experienced one long term relationship disaster.

However, following an incident at Carter’s flat, this Boy needs his Daddy more than ever before.

In the heat of the moment will Frank make the right decisions?


B.J. enjoys writing gay romance weaved with hot action to tease and entertain his readers. Having experienced some of the situations in real life he brings these into his books. Preferring to have mature characters in the stories, escaping the cliché of college boy romance.

His books have been described by many as short but scorching hot so be warned you may need a cool shower after reading them. Remember the old saying it’s not about the length but what you can do with it lol.

I Hope you read and enjoy his books as much as he enjoys writing them.

If you already enjoy gay romance books or are just curious about gay love. Why not have a browse of the books, you may surprise yourself.

Follow the rainbow to your dreams.


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Forloren – A Tale of the Moth and Moon

Plague Doctor of Forloren by Glenn Quigley - web



On a cold October evening in 1780, the sky moved slowly above a glum sea. Down by the harbour in the tiny fishing village of Blashy Cove, the sprawling, ancient inn named the Moth and Moon played host to only a handful of patrons. Behind the bar stood the innkeeper, George Reed. He was busying himself with tidying up some tankards and rearranging bottles.

“Tell me a story,” said little May Bell.

George smiled and wiped down the countertop with an old rag. May was eleven years old and apprentice to the village’s baker. Wise beyond her years, she loved nothing more than to sit in the tavern and watch the world go by.

“Isn’t it time you were getting home?” he asked. “It’s getting dark and there’s no moon tonight.”

“Not yet, it’s still early. Well, sort of. Oh, go on, Mr. Reed, I’m so bored. There’s hardly anyone in tonight.”

May gestured around herself at the mostly unoccupied seats. The only sounds were the occasional groans of disappointment from some men playing cards, the clacking of the elderly Mrs. Whitewater’s knitting needles, and the faint gasp of air which the fisherman Robin Shipp sucked in through his pale and pursed lips as he dozed in a large leather armchair by the fireplace.

“Your mother will shout at me if I do,” George said.

“I won’t tell!” she said, climbing first up a stool and then onto the bar before settling in her favourite spot against a thick wooden pillar. “Please!”

“Fine, fine. Let me think,” George said as he rubbed a hand across his grey-bearded chin.

“Once upon a time,” he said at last, “there lived a doctor. He was a good, upstanding man, always doing his best for his patients. If he was unable to help someone, it pained him greatly, as though he felt their suffering himself. As the years went by, he began to grow weary of life in the big city and so he decided to move to an island. He had a choice — move to Blackrabbit, where the people were cold. Move here to Merryapple where the people were warm. Or move to the island we now call Forloren, where the people were needful. They had no doctor of their own and suffered with various maladies and ailments, so he chose to live there and help them. The community was small, with only one little village and a farm. He found it pleasant and the islanders welcomed him with open arms. In time, he took a wife and together they had a daughter. She was the apple of his eye and she loved to watch him work. When she was grown, she travelled to London to train in the medical arts, just as her father had done. When she returned to Forloren many years later, her father was so proud he thought his heart would burst. The whole island rejoiced at her success and they prepared a great feast in celebration but she was tired from her journey and took to her bed. By the next morning, she was burning with a fever and her skin had started to darken. The morning after, she was dead.”

“How terrible!” said May.

“The doctor mourned her loss but he worried too, for he recognised the illness which had claimed her. It was the plague. Soon, his wife fell ill, as did several others in the village. The doctor, seeking to halt the spread of the disease, burned every boat and forbade anyone from leaving the island. Almost everyone took to wearing white masks with long snouts stuffed with herbs, meant to stop them from breathing the pox-ridden miasma of the infected. They didn’t work. After his wife died, the doctor became inconsolable. People began dying in droves. The bodies of the dead were buried in one large charnel pit dug in the side of the biggest hill on the island. The islanders were frantic. Even the animals started dying. There was no food left. They looked to the doctor for help. Finally, he instructed everyone who was still alive to gather at the farm and assemble in the huge old barn, for he had news of a cure. They did as they were told and waited for him to join them, but instead he closed the doors and slid the heavy bolt in place, trapping everyone inside. The people ranted and raged, banging and clawing at the wooden walls.”

May sat wide-eyed.

“What happened, Mr. Reed? How did they escape?”

“Escape?” George repeated. “They didn’t escape. The doctor walked around the barn, using his torch to ignite the dry wood. He stood guard at the door as it burned, listening to the pained screams of his victims, the flame glinting in the glass goggles of his mask. The smoke from the fire could be seen from as far north as Blackrabbit Island. It was night when the barn finally collapsed in on itself and the doctor knew then that his grim task was complete. He was the last living thing on the entire island. There was no cure, and everyone, himself included, was infected and would die horribly, just as his family had done. In the madness of his grief, he sought to spare the people that lingering pain. His final act was to climb the highest hill and set fire to his own clothes. There, the flames engulfed him, and he burned to death. Since that day, the island has been abandoned and no one in their right mind will set foot on it.”

“Wait,” said May, “If everyone died, and no one escaped, how do you know all this?”

George smiled.

“Very clever question, my dear,” he said. “Before he climbed the hill, the doctor wrote his confession on a scrap of paper, placed it into an amber rum bottle and cast it into the sea. It washed ashore here in Blashy Cove and was found by my very own grandfather. Now, even though the disease is gone and the doctor’s mortal form is long since turned to ash and carried away on the breeze, there are those who say he walks the island still.”

May’s eyes widened even more.

“One night, many years ago, I was standing much where I am now, tending to the bar, when suddenly the door burst open and in stormed a sailor, wide-eyed and muttering under his breath. He ran to the bar and demanded a drink. Tall, he was, and strong too.”

“As tall as Mr. Shipp?” asked May.

Upon hearing his name, Robin Shipp stirred from his slumber.

“Someone callin’ me?” he muttered, before wiping his mouth and dozing off again.

“The sailor wasn’t quite so tall,” George said with a little laugh. “No one is! But he wasn’t far off. He’d sailed to the edge of the world and back, faced squalls which would have drowned lesser men, fought horrible beasts from the depths of the darkest oceans and lived to tell the tale but he trembled then, he quivered, he shook like a new-born kitten. Not even my best whiskey could calm him. It took a while, but I finally got him to talk.”

George’s voice was a whisper now and May leaned in close to hear.

“He told me where he’d been,” he said. “He told me what he’d seen.”

“Where had he been?” she asked.

George affected a growl in his voice as he answered.

“On the Isle of Forloren,” he said.

May gasped and covered her mouth with her tiny hands.

“The sailor was passing the island when he spotted a light on the top of the hill. Being from the mainland, he was unaware of what had happened there many years before. He anchored his boat and waded ashore. It was a cold night, much like tonight. There wasn’t a whisper of wind, not a breeze. His breath turned to fog as he walked the empty laneways of the island. The light on the hill was gone but he carried a lantern and soon found himself in the village. He thought to ask for a bed for the night, meaning to steal away before dawn with whatever valuables he could pilfer, but he found every home abandoned. Nothing stirred on the isle of Forloren. Not a bird, not a rat, not a moth, not a bat.”

George made a little fluttering motion with his hands for effect and May flinched.

“The sailor decided to settle down for the night in one of the less-derelict homes. He lay on a pile of rags and soon began to nod off. He woke first to the sound of scratching, like nails clawing on wood, then by a frenzied knocking, as if made by knuckles on doors. He began to grow fearful, for no cause could he find for those noises. Soon, though, he nodded off again but it was a sleep short-lived. He awoke to find himself outside, on his back, being dragged through the countryside by a shadowy figure with a face like a bird’s skull! All about him, the trees and grass stirred as if shaken by a mighty wind, though he could feel not so much as a breeze on his skin! He tried to scream but it was as though there was no air to carry his voice. He was pulled on and on until he reached the hillside. Once there, the ground opened up before him, as if the earth were a hungry mouth, roaring for his flesh. Inside he saw corpse after corpse, twisted and burst. Finally, the terror overcame him and he managed a mighty scream. He scrambled free of his abductor and ran back through the village, back to the shore. There he witnessed a most terrible sight. His boat, his only hope of salvation, was aflame.”

May gasped again.

“Quickly, he waded the shallow waters to where it sat, managing to douse the fire before it could truly take hold. As he frantically rowed away he looked back to shore and there he saw him.”

“Saw who?” May asked, her voice barely a whisper.

The plague doctor of Forloren, still wearing his singed clothes and bone-white mask.”

May slapped the countertop excitedly.

“The doctor set fire to the sailor’s boat!” she squealed. “To stop him from leaving!”

“Precisely!” said George. “If his boat had burned, he’d have been trapped there.”

George leaned in close to May again, his voice low as he continued.

“On the night of a new moon, just like tonight, the doctor walks the fields and laneways of Forloren, peering into windows, checking under blankets, making sure the island is clear of people. And if he got his hands on the sailor again, he’d slowly wrap his chalk-white hands around the man’s neck and—”


George almost jumped clear out of his skin. He put one hand to his chest and breathed heavily.

“Mrs. Bell!” he said. “You nearly stopped my heart!”

May’s mother had slammed the doors open and was pacing across the tavern, her face like thunder.

“What have I told you about telling my daughter ghost stories?” she said.

May grinned from ear to ear and thrust her hands in the air.

“I love them so much!” she said, excitedly.

“They give you nightmares!” said Mrs. Bell.

“Nightmares are just… dreams with flavour!” May said.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Bell,” George said. “It won’t happen again.”

He reached into one of the many recesses in the tavern’s walls and lifted an object, setting it on the counter beside May. She lifted it up. It was a weathered rum bottle, amber in colour, stoppered with a cork, and containing a scrap of very old paper.

“And don’t worry, May, it’s just a story,” said George with a wink. “Just a story.”



I hope you enjoyed this spooky little story! And here’s some exciting news — you can return to the Moth and Moon in my new novel, THE LION LIES WAITING, coming this winter from Ninestar Press! Look for updates and a cover reveal soon on my Facebook page and Twitter!

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